3. The Respiratory System

  • Our cells need oxygen and nutrients to live and produce energy and when they do that they produce carbon dioxide. The respiratory system takes the oxygen (inhalation) and expulses the carbon dioxide (exhalation).
  • The air goes to the...
    • cavity/passages (with small hairs to protect from dust: cilia
    • pharynx 
    • larynx (vocal cords are here)
    • trachea (the epiglottis opens and closes the trachea so that the air goes there) 
    • bronchi 
    • bronchioles 
    • alveoli 
    • capillares (small tubes with blood)
    • blood 

Around the lungs there is the pleura.

The DIAPHRAGM moves down in the inhalation and up in the exhalation.


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Resultado de imagen de lungs
Resultado de imagen de lungs

Lungs Illustration