9. The Nervous System

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The nervous system helps you interact with the world around you and controls others systems in your body.

We do 3 things:
1.    Detecting stimuli (information from the outside or inside your body). Stimuli are detected by receptor organs (the 5 senses) that send the information to the nervous system. (e.g. we touch a candle)
2.    Generating orders: we interpret the information and create a response (e.g. we have to take the hand off the candle)
3.    Responding: we send the response to the organs that will do an action (effectors organs). (e.g. you move your hand)

The information we transmit is in the form of electric signals (nerve impulses). This information travels through nervous cells: neurons. Neurons are connected to each other creating the nerve tissue: nerves. Nerves are all around your body.

It has 2 parts: the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.


The central nervous system

The peripheral nervous system

It is made of nerves (long wires of neurons). Nerves are around your body. Nerves transmit the electric signals (the information) between the central nervous system and other parts of the body,  like tissues or organs.